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Eclipse Leona skin will enter the League of Legends

gamemmocs | 28 November, 2018 03:15

buy LOL Boosting Leona is blocking out both sun and moon for a set of new League of Legends skins with variants for both the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse. Both will hit the store tomorrow  November 27 at 11:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 19:00 GMT.

Riot Games shared a teaser for the new Solar Eclipse Leona and Lunar Eclipse Leona skins on social media with the video above previewing the support’s new skins. Both of them were shown in the video above with the Solar Eclipse skin shown right-side-up and the Lunar Eclipse skin showed upside-down.

It’s all very mysterious but maybe unnecessarily so. As with most League skins you can see the new additions in all their glory on YouTube. Clips of Lunar Eclipse Leona can be seen here and Solar Eclipse Leona is here. They’re both part of a new skin concept called variants which Riot detailed on the forums earlier this month. Basically their animations are the same but they have unique second forms splash screens and voiceover lines.

Solar Eclipse Leona

New tech: Solar Eclipse Leona’s model and ambient VFX evolve upon using her cheap LOL Boostingultimate and revert back upon death.
New model and textures: Her sword shield and Eclipse Knight armor are all new and evolve upon using her ultimate.
New VFX: The Solar Eclipse empowers her abilities with extra power emanating from her body upon using her ultimate.
New SFX and VO lines: Powerful audio fit for a legendary knight with several unique VO lines compared to Lunar Eclipse Leona.
New animations: Every animation has been changed with a unique Recall animation.

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