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Now ARK: Survival Evolved heroes can return to the ruined earth

gamemmocs | 06 December, 2018 03:19

Ark CD Keys The survival adeventure themed dinosaurs Ark: Survival Evolved has arrived on Switch. The title created by Studio WildCard in collaboration with Abstraction Games will give players the chance to tame 80 dinosaurs fight enemies and create huge structures anywhere at home or anywhere else.

ARK on Switch includes all the contents of ARK Island including more than 100 creatures inspired by prehistory and fantasy such as T-Rex Giganotosaurus Direwolf and Yeti. Failed on a mysterious prehistoric island you have to explore its vast environments. You will need to hunt harvest make tools grow crops and even build shelters to survive. Use cunning and skill to kill tame breed and even ride dinosaurs and other primitive animals on the island of KRG. Upgrade your technology from primitive stone tools to T-Rex-mounted laser cannons teaming up with hundreds of online players or enjoying a solo Jurassic experience.

Addition Extinction will open players a new Ark Accounts And many have been waiting for this trip for several years: three years in early access and one year after the official release. After all now the heroes of ARK: Survival Evolved can return to the devastated Earth. There they are waiting for the secrets of ancient history and at the same time perhaps the solution of the problem of the survival of mankind.

Here then the features of the Switch version:

Free exploration: the entire island of Ark to explore
Dinosaur hunt: more than 80 prehistoric fantasy-inspired creatures and dinosaurs such as the T-Rex the Giganotosaurus the metalupi and the Yeti.
Survival: players must cut down trees hunt animals search for plants or build their own garden build small villages or large cities using a variety of materials such as wood stone metal or other and finally discover new technologies to expand their outposts from primitive huts to futuristic electric cities.
Customization: ARK's extensive crafting system will allow players to match the recovered materials from all over the island also changing their colors textures shapes and styles.
Intense first or third person action: visceral melee and ranged combat with available a wide variety of weapons such as slingshots bows spears rifles modern guns powerful science fiction and jetpack energy weapons.
Unravel the mystery of Arl: a mystery envelops the island of Ark and through notebooks of explorers and clues useful fans can find out what it is.

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