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Fallout 76: Delivery time of the new bags from the Collector's Edition

gamemmocs | 19 December, 2018 05:08

Fallout 76 Caps Buyers of the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 need even more patience. But they already know that.

Bethesda's support has revealed new details on post-production bags from the Collector's Edition of Fallout 76. Accordingly the delivery time of the collector's item is now fixed. Between four and six months Collector's Edition owners must wait for their delivery. Players can claim a replacement until January 31 2019.

After the initial riot for the collector's edition - instead of a bag made of canvas fabric contained a nylon bag buy FO76 Caps while influencers were previously cloth bags - Bethesda promised the buyers that they get a corresponding cloth bag.

According to Bethesda delivery will take between four and six months. By 31 January 2019 Power Armor Edition owners of Fallout 76 (buy now for € 29.00) can submit a ticket to Bethesda Support and request a replacement for their bag. Before the decision makers have made the decision for a post-production players were first presented with 500 atoms (value: 5 euros) in the game. Recently hailed again criticism for overpriced skins in the in-game shop.

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