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Fallout 76 - Bethesda will take the ban

gamemmocs | 27 December, 2018 03:32

Fallout 76 Caps Fallout 76 is a game susceptible to modding and cheating as much as the previous post-apocalyptic game by Bethesda. Unfortunately because we are dealing here with online gameplay the studio decided to curtail the continuity of some players to bury in the game code and treat them with a Christmas gift in the form of a ban. The blockade on the use of the game was given to both a racial cheater and anyone who weighs on raising the hand for the original appearance of F76.

Bethesda decided as we informed yesterday to ban users for using mods in the game Fallout 76. No matter what mods you use for the installed tools you will be punished by the lack of opportunity to play this game. As it turned out they can repent. It's enough that using banned ... write a paper on why it's not worth cheating in games.

The spirit of Christmas however must be present in Bethesda because the bans (as opposed to being detected by the steam VAC) are not permanent. As the authors of the modifications began to report the company allows you to apply for the withdrawal of exile through ... buy Fallout 76 Atoms writing an essay on "Why using third-party cheat software is harmful to the online gaming community". Although the number of words and scores was not given we guess that some copied sentences will not pass. The studio's management team will play the role of examiners deciding whether the user deserves to lift the blockade.

Fallout 76 has some problems. Already during beta testing there were many voices criticizing the level of errors in the game. After the premiere it was not better. Players have seen a lot of busting bugs that Bethesda has not dealt with until today.

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