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Fixed bugs occurred after Fallout 76's latest fix

gamemmocs | 31 January, 2019 00:51

Fallout 76 Atoms It could be slow to teach how Bethesda handles Fallout 76 which has received a great deal of dislike at the time of its announcement. Even before the release the studio indicated that there might be some bugs in the software - and at the premiere it turned out that the company was very finely worded because at first it was hard to find an aspect of the software that wouldn't have been a problem. Moreover it was only the tip of the iceberg: from the very expensive collector's expense at first they had pocketed the promised bag and the data of some of the complaining users had been accidentally made public - so we can safely say that what could have been spoiled by the company. It seemed that the moods started to calm down a little around the program - the heatwaves crossed over it and fans (because there were a few of them too) had welcomed the newer patches and excitedly awaited the promised novelties. Yesterday an update arrived which really replenished a lot of things and solved it in the multis Fallout just as it turned out that some of the long forgotten problems were brought to the surface again.

As it turned out from recent events Bethesda's blood is sweating to make Fallout 76 something like the player's base. Looking at the jacket scandal they don't have a simple thing but they don't have the luck with the game updates because they have plenty to bump into and they don't even take their new ideas off with PvP or PvE content.

Several users have noticed that the new roughly half-giggly patched patch has once again become a surreal weight for shutters that can be used to open the shutter and this is only a minor problem as the bug with which we can duplicate the items at our disposal is practically repeated. indefinitely. Bethesda's community manager was actually dismantled in various forums who repeatedly asked for the patience of the fans cheap Fallout 76 Caps and said that although many are asking (some are demanding) newer and newer content the company has decided to focus on correcting errors - old and new. emphasis. The situation was not helped by the fact that nowadays the company - in a very good way this time only by mistake - has inadvertently forgotten the little thing that the prices of recipes and the like that are permanently available to different sellers have increased spectacularly compared to the previous one .

Many people were dissatisfied with the fact that patches were coming but they didn't get extra content. The company's colleague asked for patience in this regard although there are plenty of novelties in the background and soon they will also share a schedule for their 2019 plans but now the first priority to fix the errors is to have a stable foundation on which to build.

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