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Getting married in Fallout 76? Done!

gamemmocs | 05 January, 2019 05:03

Fallout 76 Atoms We know well that Fallout 76 has lived a really dark period also due to some objective errors of Bethesda. The many who still continue to have fun in the game can find themselves in front of really pleasant surprises such as the celebration of a marriage between two players.

On a particularly personal level a couple now also experienced Fallout 76 which unceremoniously carried out an in-game ceremony in order to take the floor. Very classic in fine thread including wedding rings and a pastor in Power Armor - sponsored by Nuka Cola. Followed by a wet underwater afterparty.

New are such weddings in games not. There have been in-game marriages in the past including World of Warcraft The Sims and Warframe. Here are some players on funny ideas. A groom was inspired by Fallout 4 in 2017 for invitations to his wedding - cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps and designed the maps in the style of the Survival Guide to the Wasteland.

Everything in the norm no? I wonder if in the end the two players will marry in real life or it will only remain a beautiful dream in the Apalacca territories. And who knows if someone will marry in The Elder Scrolls VI which according to some rumors could be really really close.

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